About us

Paryavaran Mitra is an Ahmedabad-based,  NonGovernmental Organisation working on socio-environmental issues since 1997. We have been especially active in the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) process giving a special focus to ensure that Environment Public Hearings in the State of Gujarat are a transparent and democratic channel to voice public grievances against industrial pollution and disasters.

The goal of Paryavaran Mitra is

To focus on social injustice, human rights violations and ecological/environmental imbalance in development projects/process and to try and resolve these issues.

Our main work areas are as follows:

  • To create awareness regarding environmental legislation among people and organizations
  • Follow up the implementation of judgment/directions/guidelines pertaining to the environment/ pollution by Hon’ble High Court as well as Supreme Court.
  • Direct observation of various rural area of their environmental situation and use that data for advocacy at state and central government level.
  • Try to set up precedents in rural areas for better implementation of environmental law and policies.
  • Networking with other organizations working in environmental issues and to co ordinate with them for raising various environmental issues.
  • Strengthen public participation in decision making process along with local self government.
  • Set up a voluntary public system acting as a watchdog for implementing agencies of environmental laws of govt. in the field of environment and pollution
  • Educate, sensitize and demystify on issues of environment and industrial pollution; youth groups, women groups, NGOs and other people and to bring them together with organizations, academic institutions, experts and other people in the field of environment preservation and pollution control in Gujarat.

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